Matchmaking heroes of the storm

We think there is value in ensuring players can play with friends and make new ones in Hero League. Currently we observe there are a small percentage of players whose MMR and Rank Points have diverged. Go watch the game and try to tell me if psalm being paired with those opponents is EVER acceptable. And at its highest, this dissolves into intuition and divine knowledge. From experience, this feature rarely leads to trolling or other issues. Do you soft reset MMR like you reset points a hard reset, by contrast, would put everyone to the same MMR, a very very bad ideado you cap point placement, and do you create personal rank adjustments?

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We hope the addition of a third ban in ranked play will help relieve the pressure when expending a ban on any new or reworked Hero that may be considered too strong.

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Quick match matchmaking heroes of the storm

Currently, Quick Match References Calculating the system. We are working currently on hardening the rules for roles in Quick Match. If it was just a bug or oversight it would have been fixed long ago. Sounds like the type of dude that pushes you to play a hero you suck with, and then rages when you mess up. As a result of the changes we plan to implement, higher-skilled players may see longer queue times in exchange for higher quality matches. Having a matchmaker work solely on MMR is one approach we have considered for helping with the quality of the games our players are in so we can show exactly why our matchmaker gave the games that it did.

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matchmaking heroes of the storm
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matchmaking heroes of the storm
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