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In the famous scene where Bateman kills Allen, it's often said to be not only Bateman taking Allen's life and assuming his identity. DiCaprio reportedly submitted some of his own names to the short list of replacement directors, including serendipitously Martin Scorsese and Danny Boyle. A police chase ensues but Bateman destroys the police cars by shooting their gas tanks. So Harron refused to meet with DiCaprio. Bateman and his associates flaunt their business cards in a display of vanity. Christian Bale was warned by many that it would be career suicide for him to play the lead in a film like this. Bateman excuses himself from a conversation by claiming he has an appointment with "Cliff Huxtable".

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Cerruti agreed to allow Christian Bale to wear their clothes, but not when the character was killing anyone.

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American Psycho: the story behind the film

To everyone's surprise, the actor was interested. Hoberman wrote, "If anything, Bale is too knowing. Patrick and Courtney having sex but get interrupted due to concerns of not properly practicing safe sex. Bateman rightfully looks at the gun as if it shouldn't have done that. But DiCaprio was not part of her plan. As he prepares to shoot the cat, a woman sees and tries to stop him; he shoots her and lets the cat go free. When Jean arrives, Bateman, unbeknownst to her, holds a nailgun to the back of her head while the two converse.

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