Dating someone who makes a lot less money

If you're OK with that, proceed. If not, perhaps he's not a good match for you in terms of what you're looking for long-term assuming you're looking for something more serious with this guy. For things like the opera that are very much something he wants to do, he'll pay for my ticket and I'll reciprocate with smaller things I want to do too. I think like tends to attract like in this situation as people at similar incomes are more likely to have similar values, and are used to similar standards of living rather than two people with disparate incomes. I'm a little suspicions of complete unemployment because there's usually something you can do to earn money, although situations vary.

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Once he graduates or finishes up a postdoc, should he chose to do one, he will easily make 3 to 4 times what he makes now and will at least get fairly close to you.

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Quora UserLab Technician. Women are more likely to work multiple jobs and get an education unlike most men in America. And I probably would again. The main point is that his contributions will be a significant fraction of your household income, unlike that of an Uber driver. Two messed up marriages and other women who expected me to support them and do it all.

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dating someone who makes a lot less money
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dating someone who makes a lot less money
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