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Now, if your boyfriend had a partner who ejaculated, he probably knows about some of this. So, what is it, when does it usually happen for whom? Many also greatly enjoy targeted G-spot stimulation, and plenty enjoy ejaculating. His efforts with you sexually should be about exploring and finding out what's uniquely cool and amazing about you and the two of you. I've finally forgiven him and he's willing to do it again, but I'm scared the same thing is going to happen.

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It's no big mystery, really, nor the eighth wonder of the world:

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Squirt: On Ejaculation

Most people greatly enjoy targeted clitoral stimulation and the majority will only orgasm when there is clitoral stimulus. If it turns out you don't like this stuff or don't ejaculate or find you do alone with masturbation, but not with himwhat YOUR sexuality and sexual response is like should be just as cool and exciting as what someone's else's was, and your partner should be demonstrating that to you in your sex life, okay? And whether or not you not only can ejaculate or enjoy the kinds of sex which can make that happen for some women is something you have to find out. Just because something about his ex's sexuality was super-cool to him doesn't mean parts of yours aren't as well or can't be unless they resemble hers. I have had one orgasm from the g-spot that felt "Oh my God! So, there's the facts as we know them so far. Skip to main content.

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