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As for how the prosecution would acquire such photos, Richardson reportedly said police would "just take him down to the hospital, give him a shot and then take the pictures that we need. Ads are currently disabled. She has not been charged. This time, Manassas City police arrested him and took photos of his genitals against his will, Ms Foster said. The irony is incredible.

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Prosecutors intend to prove Simms's guilt by forcing him to provide police with photos of his erect penis, for which a judge actually granted a search warrant!

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Virginia police have a warrant to take photos of a teenage boy's erect penis

In the meantime, the Post reports, both sides are still debating the necessity for additional "photographic evidence" of Simms's penis, which the defense has characterized as child abuse:. Ms Foster had filed a motion to allow her client to travel out of state to visit family. The irony is incredible. Simms refused to plead guilty and, after police received their warrant, Foster filed a motion to allow her client to leave the county to visit his family. She has not been charged.

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