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American Muslim parents trust their kids to do the right thing and let them run their own lives. Such issues will continue to be challenges for Catholics marrying outside the faith in this increasingly diverse world, Hater writes. We are one planet, one earth and one system of creation and through one cause. Both depend in part on whether the non-Catholic spouse is a baptized Christian or a non-baptized person, such as a Jew, Muslim or atheist. Because, sometimes, we find a person who helps us with our blind spots, who helps us glimpse a little more of the divine than we would have on our own. The union between a Catholic and a non-baptized spouse is not considered sacramental. Marriage Parents and parenting Religion Islam features.

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What happens when you fall in love across the religious divide?

Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Is christainity the most loving and tolerant religion? By the way, this is not a Muslim problem exclusively; it is a problem of all faiths, again it is not the faith, but the whims of the guardians of faith. Heather Al-Yousuf has contributed to these and works to help many inter-faith couples. BBC iD Sign in.

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