The girl i like is dating other guys

Having said all that, it sounds like she might be using you to make the other guy jealous, so you're taking a chance. You OK with that? Just do what makes you happy bro. You don't want to end up going out with someone who just likes to be taken out. From my past experience I think if you really like her you need to win her over. I get nervous when i can tell the chick is basing her relationship life around ME right off the bat. Don't get me wrong she's entitled to see other guys if you're not exclusive, but you're not obligated to continue dating her either.

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We hit it off right away and date number one goes super well.

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If she has feelings for me, why does she keep dating other guys?

I might be experiencing Deja Vu. It is because she recognizes, as should you, that everybody is different. I just like to think that if we're as special, and awesome as Pook says we are I don't want to drop my whole life for just one girl. Why is it ok for YOU to date other girls because you like the company of many girls, but it's not ok for HER to date other guys because it 'automatically' means you aren't the 'great catch' wherever we got this fvcking goofy fishing term from is beyond me? Obviously no as I just moved, she said that I should go on a few dates as that's a lot of pressure on her if it doesn't work between us etc

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the girl i like is dating other guys
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the girl i like is dating other guys
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