17 years old dating 20 year old

Is it okay if a 17 year old boy dates a 16 year old girl? He was never in any legal jeopardy, not that it ever would have occurred to us anyway. As it stands now, you could be looking at a prison sentence, so I would worry more about the legal ramifications than whether or not people think your activities are creepy. What should I do? The older you get the less people seem bothered.

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The age of consent is different in every state, but it's generally between 16 and

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Can a 20 year old (guy) date a 17 year old (girl)?

But after just one dance at a party and then a date she had decided she was in love with me and tried to off herself when her mum got in the way. We started speaking and she seems mature, fun and smart. I suggest you wait until he turns 18 before becoming sexually active with him, as I have seen the devastation a conviction of statutory rape can have on the lives of a young couple, and neither of you want that. What do you think? Which made it quite awkward when I found that out after dumping her. Doesn't he seem like a cradle snatcher? Some lines you just don't cross.

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17 years old dating 20 year old
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17 years old dating 20 year old
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  1. Not a fan of hers and i dont think i ever seen this dood before but damm they make a fine team!