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An act declaring the baptism of slaves doth not exempt them from bondage. Archived from the original on The sailors used the unavailability of European women on the African coast and on the slave ships as a justification to rape the female captives while the plantation slave masters raped their female slaves on the pretext that they were deprived of sexual intercourse by their "honourable" wives. At the slave auction block, African women were forced to strip naked and often fondled by potential buyers, and were worth half the price of African men in some markets. However, while the focalisation on Nandzi's rape begins with the victim, Herbstein shifts it midway to the victimiser, Abdulai, who is characterised as a blood-thirsty individual who enjoys thrusting his penis like a spear. Your own very personal maid-servant in Barbados, your private piece of black arse" The overseer was usually a poor white that was uneducated, but paid enough so that his children could have a Christmas.

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This is because such events are fertile grounds for manifestations of male aggression and violence.

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Female slavery in the United States

The identities of the victimisers cut across race, class and religion but the common denominator is the presence of male sexual aggression. On the Border Line of Tragedy: Enslaved women largely occupied traditional "women's work" roles and were often hired out by the day. The perpetrators of rape in this novel are all men of different races and cultures who use various power dynamics to oppress women. Archived from the original on We are therefore forced to ask why the shift to the victimiser's perspective occurs.

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