How does ranked matchmaking work dota 2

Checking more regions will increase matchmaking speed, but may cause latency issues if the server location is far away. The priorities of the groups are different and they face different issues. Havent had any abuser so far and i played 10 games or so. The first time our mid invoker got brood counter picked and refused to lane swap when everyone is telling him too because "he'd role Q'd mid". I rather queue for a couple minutes more and have a Team thats not already fighting during the pick phase than instant-queue with people flaming each other from start to finish. That would be great for South East Asia at least because apparently everyone who speaks English is somehow Filipino and I get called pignoy because that's the way Sea players interact with Filipinos. Keep them from playing at all to make matchmaking more effective?

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Priority determines how quickly the player is matched with other players.

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Matchmaking/Seasonal Rankings

And even if I try to search for a normal ranked it now takes 10 min during the day. A series of tests you have to pass, ranging from last hitting, to supporting, to rotating, to knowing what items do, what hero abilities do, what heroes counter pick others, etc etc if you fail any of these, you need to win games before you can retake any test, and you must retard all tests 3. This kind of distribution for players will cause a lot of high experience players to expect too much at the low experience players or both cannot work with each others because both have different skills and gaming styles. Matches are uneven between teams. Most players report having an account flag value of 0, 1 or 3.

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