Are the main characters in divergent dating

He has a daughter, Susan Black, and a son, Robert Black. She arranges a meeting and asks Amity members to reconsider their decision to remain neutral. The two become best friends over their losses. This is ultimately fulfilled after Tris successfully spreads the memory serum throughout the Bureau. Retrieved June 12,

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At age 16, citizens are tested for aptitude, as to faction.

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Theo James & Shailene Woodley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

This draws Four's attention as he invites her to enter his fear simulation and gives her tips as to how to give a Dauntless-expected response. Bobby is a young boy and a member of Candor. Edith entered Chicago as an Abnegation member, although her surname suggests that her relatives did mutual transfer with Erudite, as Tris' father, Andrew, who is a seventh-generational descendant of Edith's brother, was born in Erudite. In Divergenthe appears as a Dauntless initiate. Retrieved June 17, He is rescued by Four as per Tris' wish, although she still has not forgiven him for his betrayal. His role as one of Tris' closest friends is cut in the films, as is his love triangle with Lynn and Marlene.

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are the main characters in divergent dating
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are the main characters in divergent dating
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