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A more intense effort should be put in the identification of obesity loci specific for the Qatari population. A similar study measured the gene expression changes in mice WAT and liver tissues after long-term high fat diet, and confirmed a transcriptome transition in the 24 analyzed weeks, that evolved in the perturbation of lipid metabolism and immune system homeostasis [ 51 ]. Limitations of the study included that ovarian ultrasound was not performed precluding assessment according to the Rotterdam and Androgen Excess Society criteria. Clearly, additional research is warranted to clarify possible specific genetic determinants in population disproportionately affected by obesity and NCDs, like the Qatari and Middle Eastern populations. Hekmat A Rouh, Email:

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Subsequently, the association has been confirmed in other populations of adults from East-Asia and of Chinese population [ 3132 ].

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Obesity susceptibility loci in Qataris, a highly consanguineous Arabian population

It just yells Saudi and UAE money. Patients 3, Qatari subjects volunteered to be phenotyped and genotyped for the Qatar Biobank from which all women between the ages of 18—40 years were identified Obesity Silver Spring ; This work was supported by the Qatar Foundation and the Qatar Biobank. The importance of race and ethnic background in biomedical research and clinical practice.

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