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The common inline mounting is mm, which is different from the ice mounting of mm. Inline speed skating Road skating Freestyle slalom skating Artistic roller skating Aggressive inline skating Inline hockey Inline figure skating Vert skating. Secondly, a low posture reduces the total surface area of the skater's body that comes in contact with the resistive air, thus providing an aerodynamic advantage. Roller skiing Freeline skating Roller skating quad. So, speed skaters tend to select the hardest possible wheels, with the highest polyurethane durometer for their skating condition, limited by either wheel slip or surface roughness.

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Efforts by FIRS to obtain Olympic status became more coherent in aboutwith inline speed skating promoted as the roller sport best suited for the Olympics.

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Inline speed skating

Despite this, it had soon become evident that in-lines were predominantly quicker than quads on all surfaces and all tracks and to this end athletes opted for in-lines over quads, as is still the case today. This is because of the greater frictional forces in the direction of travel and lesser ability to apply friction without slipping of wheels on a hard surface compared to a steel blade on ice. Such specialized skating tracks are relatively common in Europe but rare in the United States. The frame sometimes called the chassis or plate that holds the wheels may be made of aircraft-quality aluminummagnesiumor possibly carbon fiber. The same criteria were applied for the World Championships. Hockey stops are possible on speed skates, but require a very deep lean in order to cause the wheels to lose traction and slide, also the fact that wheels are sliding means that the wheels are also wearing down very quickly.

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roller disco speed dating
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roller disco speed dating
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