Starcraft 2 matchmaking doesnt load

It should queue up and just post as a whisper in your game. Why unranked even exists when it simply causes headaches like this, I can't be sure of other than to assume Blizzard has been completely unable to comprehend the basics of good online play in recent years. I don't really care about it but popular streamers probably will. A couple minutes later he overwhelms me front the front with immortals their artillery because while I had been turtling up, he had expanded and was up to 7 gates while I had only managed 3 barracks, a factory as I had put so much of my economy on hold to build bunkers, turrets, mines and other things at weird timings that I just lack the skill or something to compete. I looked at a wireshark dump from a game and it seems to me like everything is getting through the network just at throttled speeds. This is a bit ridiculous.

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Interesting - it's possible that doing so kicked IE from being in offline mode, which is noted at the bottom of the Proxy page.

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Huge list of fixes SC2 needs in order to be great

How many football fans train every day just in case they ever get good enough to play in the major league? All I want to do is play your awesome games Blizzard, c'mon. If you press enter while holding shift after you typed, it will change the message from ally to all chat. Just deal with it imho. Very annoying when playing 4v4s and party is waiting on you. You were banned for hacking, told you I worked at blizzard and was going to ban you for clearly being better at macro.

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starcraft 2 matchmaking doesnt load
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starcraft 2 matchmaking doesnt load
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